Fatherhood: The Ins and Outs of Being a Dad

A Guide to Taking Care of Babies and Young Children
by the Fathers Connection 

Course Length: 3 hours

This course is designed to train fathers on various issues they might face as they embark on the journey of fatherhood. The overall goal is to encourage fathers' involvement and to give them the tools and skills they need to become positive role models in their children's lives. In addition, research has shown that father involvement in childcare can reduce infant mortality and improve child health. Upon completion of the course, fathers will receive a certificate of completion.

Program Materials:

  • A comprehensive Trainer's Manual
  • A participant's manual (Fatherhood: The Ins and Outs of Being a Dad, A Guide to Taking Care of Your Baby and Young Children) that participants keep after the course is completed
  • A participant survey, where they provide feedback on the program
  • A test to determine their absorbed the course material.
  • A certificate, acknowledging their understanding and completion of the course material, which they receive after completing the course and correctly answering the test questions. The Trainer helps the participant understand any questions he may have answered wrongly by going over the material again with him.

Curriculum Goals:

  • To provide information to men about family life and child development
  • To prepare fathers for fatherhood by providing essential practical skills, information and knowledge that builds confidence
  • To create a sense of shared responsibility for children's development among men and women
  • To encourage men's positive responses to the care and protection of children
  • To sensitize men to the impact that their involvement has on the well-being of children as they grow up
  • To enable men to become actively engaged in childcare
  • To support men in responsive, responsible and committed fatherhood

Workshop Objectives:

  • By the end of the workshop, fathers will be able to:
  • Increase their understanding of responsible fatherhood and the role of a father
  • Learn and utilize new parenting skills with their children
  • Increase their understanding of child development
  • Increase their consistency in providing parental support for their children
  • Improve their attitudes or feelings toward their children
  • Improve their social and family interactions
  • Identify good parenting practices

Training Tips:

Although not mandatory, the program is more effective if the trainer is a male. Participants are more likely to participate when talking to the same gender.

It is recommended that this training be co-trained with a lead trainer and an assistant.

Both the lead trainer and the assistant should be culturally versed, open and sensitive regarding the male experience, and very comfortable with the content.