Overview of Program

Please let us take this opportunity to introduce you to the Fathers Connection and encourage you to utilize this FREE referral source for fathers and other men who are experiencing family related stress or anxiety. The Fathers Connection is a support group for men who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship with their children and / or spouse and wish to process their feelings in a comfortable atmosphere surrounded by other men experiencing similar issues. The program, depending on location, may feature parenting classes for new fathers, or fathers who feel they need the experience, health education, including basic first aid.

Men from every walk of life attend the Fathers Connection but most, not all, are separated from their children because of separation, divorce, or because they were never married to the mother of their children. The group is structured to provide a safe environment, encouraging men to attend. Even though this is group counseling, every effort is made to make it supportive and convenient for the men who need and do attend:

  1. There is no fee attached;
  2. Meetings are in a relaxed group setting;
  3. Weekly attendance is not mandatory; and
  4. Those attending can come and go at their own convenience.

    Issues dealt with in these sessions include:

  5. Strained father - child relationships;
  6. Stress of family breakup;
  7. Maintaining a relationship with a child during and following a family breakup;
  8. Communicating with a former spouse or girlfriend on behalf of the child;
  9. Children's attitudes, fear, and developmental issues;
  10. Domestic violence;
  11. Self control;
  12. Emotions, blame, feelings of hostility and anger;
  13. Self-destructive thought patterns;
  14. Effect of stress, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness / helplessness on work relationships, and;
  15. Communication and parenting skills with children.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to refer men who are experiencing difficulties with family relationships to our program. The Fathers Connection meets once a week is facilitated by therapist whose area of specialty is men and family therapy.